Quality Policy of Walkers Subsea

Walkers Subsea Services (Pvt) Ltd has a clear vision to empowering the Sri Lankan Shipping Industry with superior level of service quality in the areas of Hull Cleaning, Propeller Polishing and relevant underwater services. The company has invested in the development of underwater hull cleaning equipment & personals and offers an international service that can give ships back their efficiency without the need for drydocking.

In order to accomplish these objectives Walkers Subsea Services has put in place the following quality policy.

The hull cleaning & other underwater services are carefully carried out by the internationally trained & experienced divers so that no damage will occur to those hull coatings which are suitable for underwater cleaning, while still completely removing all types of fouling.

Utilization of tools & equipments from the reputed international brand like Piccard, Outland etc. ensuring the quality & safety of the services undertaken.

To implement and improve the ways and methods to assess and monitor provision of crewing services to Clients using the obtained data for improving the quality of service.

Promote & utilize eco-friendly underwater cleaning activities and avoid carrying out underwater activities which result in an increase of pollution by spreading large amounts of toxic materials used in many underwater hull coatings.

Carefully selecting the experienced master mariners & professional divers to ensure the quality & efficiency of the services provided by the WSS.

Maintaining and monitoring the rules & standards of the DNV-GL to maintain the international standards of our service.

Prevention of accidents and preservation of human health and life by selecting personnel of appropriate qualifications, and prevention and counteracting any types of employee exploitation (physical and financial).

To use process-oriented management to add value to services so as to satisfy the needs of personnel, interests of the founders and requirements of the industry.

A comprehensive and complete report is submitted with all findings and images of pre inspection and post of the hull cleaning & other maintenance services.

Health & Safety Policy

We provide safe working conditions and to maintain a healthy working environment for all employees. We promote & incorporate the good diving practices and safety measures applicable to hull cleaning and other subsea services.